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seen, heard and loved

Annette Boyle


My Inspiration…

Having a younger brother with Autism, I developed the skill at a young age to communicate and ‘hold space’ in a way that was safe and nurturing to help him work through his emotions. I believe we create our life events through a combination of self-awareness, compassion, intuition, self-talk and action. I have discovered that most people want to be seen and heard and have the freedom to “just be” who they truly are.

When I was working in education, a Year 12 student in one of my classes died by suicide. It is one of the darkest days of my career and is an event that has solely underpinned my direction towards sharing my gifts with others. As a mother of a teenager, I frequently question what made the beautiful young soul I was teaching not feel seen and heard. Suicide is a complex issue but unfortunately, with Australian statistics as they are, it is an issue not to be ignored. I want to create hope, that regular conversations with others can make a difference.

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Why Connection?

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