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Families Working Well Workshop

What does a “family working well” look like?

I want to help families (including mine) work well because, I have witnessed that we grow closer to others when we are seen and heard. We ‘work well’ in those moments


My goal is to use practical skills to help families connect to the wisdom they already have from within and encourage them to be free to discover how to reach their goals and be the best they can be. I believe a 'thriving family working well, can achieve more’. 

You can actually feel when a family is working well. Attend an upcoming Families Working Well Workshop to build a confident, compassionate, collaborative culture where a family can thrive. A family working well, demonstrates:

Thriving Family Culture-

  • A strong family/team CODE.

  • Great things are accomplished guided by hope, compassion and love.

  • Practical and wise ways forward are used, creating transformation in the family.

  • Purpose is achieved productively by hearing each other, coming to understandings, pooling its wisdom and making wise decisions.

  • Exceptional people skills are skillfully demonstrated with the ability to transform conflict and navigate change.

  • Engaging leadership is portrayed as each family member has the tools to understand, engage and inspire each other.


Effective Communication-

  • Families have courageous conversations.

  • Issues, views and opinions are discussed openly and compassionately without judgement.

  • Simple phrases for all ages; “I am feeling…” and “I am grateful for…”


Collaborative Teamwork-

  • Family goals are achieved, based on principles of self-awareness and compassion.

  • Collaborative approaches to change are used.

  • Conflict is addressed to create an authentic, resilient and successful family unit.

It is important to note these workshops are not a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.

BE the family that thrives!
 Annette x
  • Thriving Family Culture

  • Effective Communication

  • Collaborative Teamwork

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