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Embrace the whispers of the divine, and let the love of your loved ones in heaven surround you. Renowned Australian Mediums, Annette Boyle and Julia Cartagena, known as ANJUL have created the messages to resonate with the sou's deepest longing for connection and understanding. The 44 message oracle deck, is a precious gift from loved ones in heaven. With each card, you invite the loving energy of heaven into your life, allowing gentle guidance, healing, clarity and wisdom. Every message is infused with the essence of love and compassion, reminding us that our departed loved ones are always by our side. Within Divine Messages, the eternal connection between heaven and earth is felt and cherished, offering hope, comfort, and healing to all who seek guidance.

Divine Messages

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 44 Divine Messages Oracle Cards. 

    Box dimensions: 13.5cmx8.5cmx4.5cm.

    Each card has a channeled message. 

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