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Monthly Meditations…

There is a deep desire to reconnect with our roots, to call on our ancient wisdom. We want to connect. We want to feel. We want to celebrate. We want to heal.

Monthly Meditations are a sacred space aligned with the Moon. Most women are so focused on getting through each day, fulfilling roles and pleasing everyone that they forget about themselves and who they are.

It is a space to set goals, explore and share the many questions, ideas and challenges that women experience. Each time we meet we are giving ourselves an opportunity to slow down. 

We gather monthly to reflect upon the lessons of our last lunar month and focus on releasing what no longer serves us and set our positive intentions for the coming month.

This is a time for support, rest and reflection.

Cost- $20 

Next Event- 12 November 2021[0]=AZX8aiy8-5A6j4o8Vk4Zv1ZAK9wfEb0LLIYRPOCzTSqJFAC_V1p_A2AgZOFvEBtNiEbbrwFRDRA2JG8X2ffwXoc5c7YZuzHX5Va3aafAfa9qyxNTry8xhjx6cpJzr6-op8SR2sgi1HmNnzdhP-0aGx_h&__tn__=H-R

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