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Annette Boyle is an experienced company director, advisor and change facilitator, social worker and educator who believes in the importance of making a positive impact on individuals and business.

She strives to share her knowledge, wisdom and professional experience and lead organisations towards achieving their personal, corporate and business objectives and creating sustainable growth. Annette has successfully led several significant organisational change management initiatives and is an effective team leader, motivator and communicator with skills in project management, business planning and process improvement.


Annette has over 25 years experience of Business Development, Community Engagement & Development, Strategic Planning, Risk Analysis, Compliance, Social Work, Education, Group Work Facilitation, HR/Recruitment, Marketing/PR, Grants & Fundraising and Guest Speaking extending across government, private, education and community sectors. Annette’s diverse history portrays she has a range of practical capabilities that can enhance operations, governance and risk management, strategy and overall outcomes of various organisations and groups.


Annette’s approach is professional, grounded, compassionate and engaging. She advocates that when people feel connected and encouraged, they are able to achieve their personal and professional short-term and long-term goals. She draws not only from her diverse professional qualifications, but also the experience of being a mother and active community member.


Annette is passionate about developing and facilitating workshops in the community. One of the darkest days of her teaching career was when a Year 12 student in one of her classes, died by suicide. She was left questioning what made the beautiful young soul- not feel seen and heard. Annette strongly believes people want to be seen and heard and “just be” who they truly are. This applies to individuals not only in their private life but also in their work life. The community based projects Annette facilitates was born out of a tragedy of a young life lost too soon and is a direct response to the epidemic statistics of suicide, loneliness and homelessness in Australia. 

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Annette Boyle

Phone: +61 408 409 109

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