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Welcome!!! Thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey. I have been trying to define what I am setting out to do, who am I and what do I offer without labeling myself, in a world already full of labels.


I feel like I am an automated answering service because, I am lots of labels to lots of different people. I feel like my business answering service would look a little like this:

Hi welcome to Annette Boyle, please select from the following options-

For Mum press #1

For Wife press #2

For Family Member #3

For Friend #4

For Individual & Business Coach/Mentor #5

For Community Groupwork Facilitator #6

For Not-For-Profit Board Director #7

For Intuitive Guide #8

For Public Speaker #9

For All Above #10

When I engage, mentor or guide you I am all of the above 10. One isn't mutually exclusive to the other. I encourage you to reach out to me as any of my 1-10.

So what do I do? I encourage you to be the beautiful individual that you are. The "Perfectly Imperfect" you, without the labels.

20200423_I am ME

I am ME...but who are you? Workshop

I am…ME.

I am…ME and my name, Annette Susan Boyle. I was Annette Susan Box.

I am…ME and a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, in-law, friend, neighbour and community member.

I am…ME and a member of the human race, citizen of the world, nationality is Australian, resident of Western Australia, rate payer of both city and rural.

I am…ME and a baptised Christian and a student of many Religions and Ancient Texts.

I am…ME and Proudly Middle Age.

I am…ME and My Pain.

I am…ME and not Too Busy.

I am…ME and my Family Works Well.

I am…ME and Courageous, Kind, Wise, Compassionate, Innocent, Leader, Adventurer,

I am…ME and Intuitive and Empathic. 

I am…ME and a Healer.

I am…ME and it is My Time To Shine.

I am...ME and my Ancestors and Past Lives.

I am…ME and a Storyteller, Facilitator, Teacher and Social Worker.

I am…ME and my Astrological Story.

I am…ME and a HOLISTIC ME- ‘I am greater than the sum of all my parts’.

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