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Annette is able to offer hands on, practical advice that will help make a difference to business success.  Annette will work in partnership with you to define the rules, relationships, policies, systems and processes you feel you need to enable your business to increase value, support management while benefiting employees, shareholders and the community.  

Advisory services include health checks, reviews and assessments of activities, management coaching within your organisation focusing on the management and governance aspects to help you improve your operations. 



Any Board Chair, Board members, CEO’s, business owners and senior leaders who who is keen for an independent perspective to improve operations and/or provide competitive advantage to increases the value of your business and enable you to focus on the right parts of your business – your customers.


Annette works with your business to establish your current state and identify potential oversite – as well as opportunities. Once your needs are established, we build and deliver a plan of action, embedding new process, policy and framework within your business.

The best way to familiarise people with new systems is to integrate it with their daily tasks. To that end, I ensure an effective handover to your people to manage the system, providing ongoing coaching and support to equip your people to work autonomously and efficiently.

Business Review & Health Check

An independent health check, review or assessment is a great way for businesses to sense check their current management or governance practices against your business strategy and planned outcomes.  Annette will review and consider your current practices against your strategic intent and plans. The review will identify areas in the organisation that are working well, which areas can be enhanced and those that require further development.

Annette comes into your organisation to discuss current custom and practice with key stakeholders and compare your activities against better practices including existing policy, industry standard or better practice framework. Annette will then consider where in the business life cycle your business is currently operating as well as where you would like to be and we tailor your health check, review and assessment based on better practices.  I will then produce a report with recommendations which will enable you to prioritise key opportunities for improvement and establish next steps including adopting recommendations we make for implementation.


Annette is available to deliver bespoke training sessions that are tailored to your business’s needs, speaking engagements and can design and deliver workshops to enable your business to build trust and align your outcomes to the delivery of your corporate strategy.

Alternatively, if your executives are looking to enhance there communications and engagement skills, she also offers training courses and workshops in these fields.  


You can get in touch with Annette to discuss any of the above by calling +61 408 409 109 

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